There has been an increase of 5% in burglaries across the UK

Houses with CCTV systems in place are 90% less likely to be burgled

You can view your CCTV while away on holiday or business

Different Levels of CCTV:


Analogue CCTV
Analogue CCTV is the cheaper option for a low budget system. JC Security UK only install 1000TVL or above, which is the highest spec CCTV camera and at the top end of analogue CCTV around at the moment. The majority of older installations would only be around 600 TVL.

If you wish to upgrade an existing Analogue CCTV system, HDSI CCTV is an option to consider. This will enable you to make use of the existing coaxial wiring, therefore this CCTV system is considered the more cost effective route for some customers.

With HDSDI you can get full HD picture quality just like IP CCTV but record it using a HD-SDI DVR. For a new install IP CCTV will generally be the more cost effective route as well as being more flexible for camera availability. Also the cameras do not operate alone, they need a DVR just like an analogue system.


IP CCTV cameras are more than just cameras as they have web server technologies built in to them meaning they can transmit alone directly across existing PC networks including the Internet for direct access without a DVR. This also means some can upload clips of footage and stills to a web server and even utilise on board SD card recording. For onsite CCTV recording a NVR recorder is installed which allows the cameras to be powered from the recorder, cutting out additional power supplies at an extra cost.

IP systems come with great smart phone/tablet apps to allow viewing anywhere in the world via a wifi or 3g connection. The biggest benefit of IP technology is the far superior image quality that is available including full HD resolutions at 1080p. Starting at 3 million mega pixels the images are great in live and playback.



Benefits for having CCTV installed:


As CCTV equipment becomes more commonly used, it is fast becoming the more effective and affordable way of protecting you and your home. JC Security UK believes that investing in good CCTV equipment will alleviate many of the common everyday concerns for both homes and businesses such as:

  • Preventing crime
  • Preventing theft and anti-social behaviour
  • Supporting a safe environment for employees and visitors
  • Increase customer’s confidence by promoting security and safety