Intruder Alarms

Bells Only

This as a fully operational working graded alarm system, which upon activation makes a loud siren noise inside and outside your home. Your Bells Only system will alert attention by using a siren and strobe

Private Telephone Numbers

In addition to the features of your Bells Only system, your alarm is interfaced with your existing PSTN land line on site and upon activation sends an SMS message to up to 4 private numbers of your choice.

Monitored Alarm

In addition to the features of your Bells Only system, your alarm is interfaced with a PSTN line and is programmed to send signals to a manned monitoring centre 24/7 for keyholder only attendance. Upon alarm activation a signal is sent to the monitoring centre; this is then actioned and a keyholder is informed that the alarm has been activated on site.

  • Your homes/business can be left unattended for any period of time with a great peace of mind.
  • Outbuildings including garages and sheds can be linked to the alarm and can remain set even if you are at home.
  • If you have moved into a new home or have lived there for a while but are worried about having carpets and floorboards up to enable an alarm to be fitted; why not go wireless?

The system is fully wireless with a variety of wireless devices that are made to protect your business and home in any circumstance.

When you have an alarm installed, you want the process to run smoothly and with as little disruption as possible, so why not choose our wireless system?

The lack of wires will make installation simple and quick compared to the time it will take to have a burglar alarm with wires and cables installed.

There will be no need to remove carpets or lift floorboards with the installation of our wireless system, making the process hassle free and leaving you to carry on with your life as normal, but with the added advantage of a thoroughly protected home.



Battery monitoring/saving • Methods of arming/disarming
User friendly programming • Intelligent Arming

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Domestic Burglar Alarm Fitted

After a recent break in I contacted JC Security who advised on the types of security available. Jamie arrived promptly at the arranged time for a site inspection, and a quote was emailed later that evening. The alarm was professionally fitted today by Jamie. Thanks Jamie for a job well done, and I’ll not hesitate to recommend you in the future.

Intuder Alarm

JC Security UK have just taken over the maintenance of my Intruder System. Punctual, Smart and Professional and offering a great service, the work carried out to upgrade my existing system was both efficient and clean.I would highly recommend JC Security UK.

Security System

This company has just fitted a new security system for me after a terrible job by another firm. I was VERY impressed, a top class job, pleasant, efficient, reasonably priced and NO MESS left!! Would highly recommend them to everyone.


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